Health benefits of zenovit.

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July 3, 2019

Just vitamin. 

They say “ A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” For proper functioning of body one needs to intake proper amount of essential nutrients throughout the day. These essential nutrients could be taken directly or indirectly. Sources of direct intake are fruits, vegetables, or dairy products. Indirectly these nutrients are manufactured in various forms such as tablets, capsules, or syrups. 

Indirect means of taking vitamins and minerals are considered as the fastest means of taking appropriate quantity of vitamins and minerals which are somehow missing in our regular diet. To complete that missing portion of required multivitamins we take them orally in the form of capsules or tablets or syrups. 

Why vitamin and minerals ?   

Vitamins are essential because they perform hundreds of important roles in our body. Everyday our body produces skin, bones, and muscles. It makes new red blood cells everyday which carry nutrients to other body organs such as heart or kidney or brain through blood vessels. Now, to perform all this body needs some raw material. And vitamins and minerals are the raw material used to carry these nutrients to different organs of the body to repair the normal wear and tear of tissues and strengthening of the body. 

What is the best source of consuming minerals and vitamins indirectly? The trustworthy brand? How does one decide which brand is good and genuine and which is fraud? Well, for that one needs to know what is present in  a multivitamin capsule and what it should be providing us in return if we consume it on a daily basis. 


Any multivitamin tablet must have some basic necessary vitamins and minerals in its composition which are essential for repairing the body. Because they help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system. They also convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage. 

Different vitamins present in  a multivitamin tablet and what are the benefits of taking those vitamins and minerals are explained as precisely as possible. 

Vitamin A : This vitamin promotes healthy skin, hair, nails,gums, bones, and teeth. Helps in preventing night blindness and lung cancer.

Vitamin B1: This vitamin helps us in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Keeps up the regular digestion process and nerve functioning.

Vitamin B2: Helps in energy metabolism. Supports normal vision and helps in maintaining healthy skin.

Vitamin B6: Helps in protein metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, and release of energy.

Vitamin B12: Helps in making of red blood cells, DNA, RNA and myelin for nerve fibers.

Vitamin C: strengthens blood vessel walls, promote wound healing and iron absorption. Supports immunity and acts as a key antioxidant.  

Vitamin D: Vitamin D aids calcium absorption, and helps in building strong teeth and bones.

Vitamin K: we need this for proper blood clotting.


Just taking the multivitamins on a regular basis is not enough if there is no change or growth in the body. One must make sure that the multivitamins are serving the required purpose. There are numerous changes that take place in our body over the course of time. These changes are noticeable over some time. 

Benefits of taking multivitamin are : 

  1. Improves Blood Flow to the hair Follicles.
  2. Recovers vitamins deficiency, improves general well-being.
  3. Fights weakness, fatigue and keeps you energetic all day.
  4. Improves physical work capacity, mental alertness & concentration.
  5. Helps handle daily stress by improving endurance & compatibility.
  6. Helps in providing requisite minerals in pregnancy.
  7. Provides essential daily requirement of vitamins, minerals & nutrients including fibre.
  8. 8 vitamins, 11 minerals along with nutrients including fibre & protein provide and replenish the extra nutrition the body requires.
  9. ZENOVIT is a dietary supplement.
  10. Dosage of Zenovit capsule is 1-2 capsules/day, Zenovit tablet is 1-2 Tab /day and of Zenovit Syrup is 2-3 tablespoons/day or as directed by physician.

ZENOVIT is a well-equitable combination of nutrients, essential vitamins & minerals. ZENOVIT is composed to cover vitamins deficiency, trauma, stress, weakness & growing age, pregnancy & general discomfort. Zenovit is now available in Syrups and Tablet also.

ZENOVIT is a peculiar amalgamation of 8 vitamins, minerals, nutrients like fibre & protein. ZENOVIT is consumed by millions & proposed by doctors & chemists since last many years. One capsule a day keeps you competent & energetic all day.