Skin Preparations

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June 26, 2019
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June 26, 2019



Topical use skin ointments like skin protection creams, lotions and liniments are manufactured. Effectively and safely able to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, etc., these optimise the immune response and defence mechanisms of human body externally without any harmful side effects.

ACNEZ Clindamycin Phosphate USP eq. to Clindamycin 1.00% w/w, Preservatives:-
Sodium Methyl paraben IP- 0.114% w/w, Sodium Propyl paraben IP-  0.056% w/w, Gel Base  qs
BEC-CG BeclomethasoneDipropionate IP- 0.025% w/w, Clotrimazole IP-1% w/w, Gentamicin Sulphate IP eq. to Gentamicin- 0.2% w/w, Cream base-q.s.
CLOBYTE-S LOTION Clobetasol Propionate USP- 0.05%w/w,
Salicilic Acid IP-3%w/w
CLOBYTE-GM LOTION/CREAM Clobetasol Propionate USP- 0.025%w/v, Miconazole Nitrate IP -2.0%w/v ,GentamicinSulphate IP eq. to Gentamicin-0.1%w/v,Zinc Oxide IP- 3.0%w/v,
DENTOZEN Potassium Nitrate BP- 5%w/w, Sodium Monoflurophosphate USP-0.7% w/w.
FLUZEN Fluconazole  IP  0.5%w/w.
GOMELA Hydroquinone USP-2%w/w, Tretinoin USP-0.025%w/w, MometasoneFuroate USP-0.1% w/w
KETO-Z Ketoconazole IP  2% w/w in cream base
KETO-Z (1%/2%) Ketoconazole  IP-1 %/2% w/v,Methyl Paraben IP-0.2%w/v. Propyl Paraben IP-0.02% w/v . Shampoo
MICOZEN-F Miconazole Nitrate IP-2 %w/w , Flucinolone Acetonide-0.01%w/w
MOFU MometasoneFuroate IP-1mg, in a cream base – qs.
MOFU-NM MometasoneFuroate USP- 1mg, Nadifloxacin- 10mg, Miconazole Nitrate IP-20mg, in a nongreasy base –qs.
Clobetasol Propionate IP 0.05% w/w, Miconazole Nitrate IP 2.0% w/w, Neomycin Sulphate IP equivalent to Neomycin 0.5%w/w, Preservative: Chlorocresol IP 0.1% w/w, Cream base q.s.
SOFRAZEN NeomycinSulphateIP eq. to neomycin -0.5 % w/w In a cream base. qs
THROMBOZEN-H Heparin Sodium IP-50 IU,BenzylNicotinate -2 mg, ASorbicAcid(as preservative)IP-1.97mg,in agel base – qs.
Z-BACT Mupirocin  USP- 2.0%w/w, Water soluble base-qs.
Z-DERM Ciprofloxacin HCl IP eq. to Ciprofloxacin -1.0%w/w, Metronidazole Benzoate IP eq. to Metronidazole-1.0%w/w, TebinafineHCl- 1.0%w/w, Clobetasol Propionate USP-0.05%w/w, Methyl Paraben IP- 0.2%w/w, Propyl Paraben IP-0.02%w/w.
ZEN’S  HEEL SOFT Urea IP- 10%w/w, Lactic Acid IP-10%w/w, Propylene Glycol IP-10%w/w, Liquid Paraffin IP- 10%w/w,  Cream Base – q.s.
ZENSORE GEL Choline Salicylate Solution eq. to Choline Salicylate BP – 8.70%w/w, Lignocaine HCl IP-2.0% w/w,Benzalkonium chloride solution IP- q.s.In pleasant flavoured base- q.s.
ZENSORE ORA GEL Choline Salicylate BP – 9 %w/v, Benzalkonium chloride solution IP- 0.02 % w/v.
ZENTHRIN Permethrin- 50mg, Preservative Formaldehyde Solution BP- 1mg, Cream base-qs.
ZENTHRIN LOTION Permethirn Methyl 5% w/v Paraben IP 0.2% w/v (Preservatives) Propyl Paraben IP 0.02% w/v (Preservatives) In a Lotion base q.s
ZIFLOX-FC Neomycin Sulphate IP-0.5%w/w, Ciprofloxacin HCl IP-0.5%w/w, FluocinoloneAcetonide IP-0.025%w/w, Clotrimazole IP-1.0%w/w, Cream Base- qs.
ZENBEC – N Beclomethaone Dipropionate BP 0.025% w/w, Neomycin Sulphate IP 0.05% Cream Base q.s.
Povidone Iodine IP – 5%w/w(0.5% w/w available iodine),Water-soluble ointment base- q.s.
Gamma Benzene Hexachloride IP-1.0% w/v, CetrimideIP-0.1%w/v,Excipients-q.s.,In emulsion base.