Neurological Disorders

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June 26, 2019
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When the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and autonomic nervous system are affected adversely, it is referred to as a neurological disorder. Any disease or injury in this region can result in serious debilitating problems. Zenlabs offers medicines to deal with physical injury and biochemical problems of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

GABIZEN-M Gabapentin-300mg, Mecobalmin-500 mcg. TABLETS
ZENTOL-200 Carbamazepine-200mg. TABLETS
ZENOBAL/ZENOBAL-OD Mecobalamin-500mcg/1500mcg.TABLETS
GABIZEN-300 Gabapentine-300mg. CAPSULES
MYOZEN-4 Thiocolchicoside-4mg. CAPSULES
PG-75/ PG-150 Pregablin-75/150mg. CAPSULES
PGM Mecobalamin- 500mcg, Pregablin- 75mg. CAPSULES
ZENOBAL PLUS Mecobalamin-500 mcg,Alphalipoic Acid-100 mg,Folic Acid  -0.5 mg,PyridoxineHCl-3 mg. CAPSULES
ZENOBEX Vit. B1Mononitrate-10 mg.,Vit. B2 -10 mg.,Vit. B6 -3mg.,Vit.C -7.5 mg., Folic Acid – 1mg.,Calcium Pantothenate -12.5 mg., Mecobalamin-1.5 mcg. CAPSULES
ZENOBAL Mecobalamin IP-500mcg. INJECTION
ZENOBAL PLUS Methylcobalamin IP-1000mcg, Pyridoxine HCl IP-100mg, Nicotinamide IP-10 mg, D-Panthenol IP-50mg. INJECTION