5 Ways to Stay Healthy At Workplace!

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July 15, 2019

Health is indeed our greatest treasure but not all of us value it. When it comes to healthy lifestyle there are infinite ways depending on your body type, age, geographical situation et al that you can follow.  As per a study employees who are fit and healthy are able to perform better at work. Staying fit is a lifestyle choice that one must adopt in order to be an achiever in life. 

Many professionals take their hectic schedule as an excuse for not being fit. Perhaps if you have the will a simple work life balance is not at all difficult. Though, it is genuinely difficult for some people to take out time to focus on fitness. Here are some basic things you can follow to stay healthy at work!

Right Posture

The first thing you do at office is sit on your desk, and most of us can’t even do that right. Sitting on a computer for hours and getting drawn to it with wrong postures may have serious health hazards. Leaning towards the computer for hours puts pressure on your neck & spine. Regular stretching and sitting straight consciously will require effort as our body is used to wrong posture. But with time and a little effort you can easily fix it, right posture will definitely improve your health

Eat Healthy Be Healthy!

The important part of being healthy is eating healthy, right diet will do wonders for your good health. People with hectic schedules often skip meals which have severe consequences on health. Sitting on a desk and munching on junk food & unhealthy snacks is a substitute of killing hunger for many people. The last thing you should consider is gobbling on junk food and sitting on your desk for hours. Moderation is the key, having a disciplined diet and keeping those taste buds calm is our duty. Substitute that bag of chips with a healthy snack, your craving for munching can be satisfied with a better and healthy option. Always remember it is not about not eating, it is all about right eating.

Curb Caffeine Intake

An unhealthy eating lifestyle, sleep deprived and exhausted mind works wonders with coffee!

Your best friend at work that mug of coffee is an enemy making you dependent and addicted. Yes, coffee addiction is a thing, so curb your caffeine intake in order to stay healthy. All you have to do is limit yourself to just one cup a day and that too in the morning. Omitting the use of sugar and cream will certainly cut those calories and help you get over your dependency.

Timely Breaks

Being a dedicated employee is great, but torturing your body or not taking care of your health is not a sign of a dedicated employee. In order to be productive it is important to be rejuvenated and focused. And to achieve that you must take timely breaks, believe it and you will observe the change real quick. Timely breaks will make it easy for you to be more productive and be able to finish your daily tasks easily. A dedicated employee is a productive employee not somebody who sits on his/her chair for 9 hours a day!

Sanitizer is a boon!

Regularly sanitizing your hands is not enough to stay healthy at work place. The keyboard & mouse you touch everyday is home to infinite germs and may be diseases as well. It is advisable to regularly sanitize your gadgets so that you don’t get infected with those germs. A simple dab of two drops will keep you healthy!

Last but not the least, the most effective way to stay healthy at work is doing regular exercise. And our major recommendation to your healthy lifestyle is a dose of ZENOVIT. It is manufactured by Zenlabs which is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. It is a peculiar amalgamation of 8 vitamins, minerals, nutrients like fibre & protein. ZENOVIT is consumed by millions & proposed by health experts for many years. One capsule a day keeps you competent & energetic all day long.